Saturday, June 1, 2024

Thank you and keep writing and reading!


It's been a blessing being involved in the SFF 7 Authors blog in my role as the lead for the FaRoFeb contributors. We have had wonderful contributors from the FaRoFeb authors group in the past few years. Many thanks to Jeffe Kennedy for giving us this opportunity and to the rest of the SFF 7 Authors for the warm welcome and support. 

I'm very grateful to the FaRoFeb authors who contributed to the weekly topics. I have enjoyed getting to know all of you through this project! You are a fantastic group with buckets of talent and so much to give.

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Thank you!


Friday, May 31, 2024

All Good Things

 All good things must come to an end. For us, this is the end of the road for this blog. The decision wasn't easy. The fact is that blogging isn't super interactive. Getting to engage with readers draws us to other social media platforms with better opportunities for chatting. We value every single reader. We've had the great honor of getting to blog with and meet so many awesome authors. We've gained friendships on this blog. We've lost one along the way, too, to a relentless and mercilessly unfair disease. Our greatest hope is that somewhere along the way you found value in something we wrote. Or were touched by something any of us wrote. While this will be the final post from any of us, we are all still around and would love to hear from you going forward.

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Don't get excited about the Tik Tok. I have exactly zero videos out there. So far. Can't promise it will change, but feel free to friend me out there and send me cat videos. You know that's why I'm out there.

Hey. It's been great having you here. Don't be a stranger. Last one out, switch off the light.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

The End


I don't think of the SFF Seven blog without thinking of alumnus James A. Moore. He had wise words to share along with his personal writing journey. And that was the purpose of the Word Whores, now known as the SFF Seven blog, to reach a hand back to those coming behind you. 

Writing is a hard and lonely business and there's no training. You have to go out and find it yourself. We're hanging up the blogging hat, but there's still lots of writing info to be had (you can find us on other socials). Times have changed. AI is coming. And we'll all still be here in the vague sense of 'here online'. But what it really boils down to is: 

  • You should be writing.
  • Get your butt in the chair.

It's been an honor to blog with everyone who has been part of SFF Seven. My TBR grew.  I learned a lot. And I hope I gave back even more. Happy Writing!

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

It's Time for THE END

Back in 2011, seven authors--published and aspiring to be--set up a blog to share our experiences as we navigated the industry, honed our craft, and traipsed the line between sanity and fantasy. Back then, we were known as The Word Whores (click here to read our archives). Lo, after being caught in a few too many NSFW filters and occasionally relegated to the adults-only search results, we changed our name to The SFF Seven Authors (here we are). 

For thirteen years, we've had the privilege of sharing the blog with amazing peers who brought perspectives from the horror, sci-fi, thriller, fantasy, romance, and women's fiction genres. We've shared our adventures during the ebook boom, audiobook advent, and the ever-sluggish traditions of print publishing. We've introduced our pets and our pet peeves. Confessed our manuscripts that will never see the light as well as those we aspire to write. We've given tips to break through writer's block, along with guidance on penning scenes involving a big c*ck. {cough}

We've enjoyed sharing our experiences with you, our dear readers. Thank you for taking the journey with us. 

Alas, alas, it's time for us to write The End

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Please, don't be strangers. I look forward to keeping in touch on the socials.


Sunday, May 26, 2024

Goodbye and See Me Around!

Well, folks... We here at the SFF Seven have kept this blog rolling for a considerable amount of time, but it's time to let this full moon set. It's been lovely and I will miss everyone here. But the world turns and times change. I'm still on social media, just not this one.

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Friday, May 24, 2024

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

I Wish to Scare You Tonight

I'm looking for the chill that walks your spine. I wish to write the things that make you look over your shoulder or even lose just a little bit of sleep at night. Not gory. Not gross. Haunting. I'm looking for the edge of horror - no chainsaws allowed. I wish to make my writing walk the tightrope of stirring the hair at the back of your neck without falling off into the blood spatter and the wet, gristly shine of moonlight on exposed bone. 

I also don't want to fall off the tightrope into purple prose, and I'm afraid that's where I seem to find myself most often. I try to make something scary and it just ends up sounding silly. Or it's incomprehensible. Maybe the scariest thing is that I KEEP TRYING. 


Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Wanna Be Creepy

This Week's Topic: What Genre Have I Secretly Wished I Could Write?

Dun-nuh Dun-nuh Dun-nuh dun-na-na-na-nah!!! 🦈

waits for earworm to pass
That suspense.
That masterful control of anticipation.
That fear without gore.
chef's kiss

A good thriller keeps me flipping pages until dawn. I have to know what comes next. I admire thriller writers and envy the good ones who instill terror with words and make me jump when the dog stretches.

I wanna write like that. Those skills...(wistful sigh). Yes, please. I aspire to that level, to creep into that genre, and to leave chills down readers' spines (even after they've put down the book). 


Friday, May 17, 2024

Borrowing a Spark

I honestly say I haven't built out a character based on a celebrity. Entirely. That's because I'm using characters they've played, instead. Or I pick a look from over here and aspects of a personality from over there and munging them together to generate my characters. I might isolate an attribute and assign it to someone in one of my books, but to pick up a person wholesale, change a name and a hair color and call it good? No. Can't. I think it's mostly because I don't actually know these people - the celebrities, I mean. I only know what I get to see and that's the characters they play. I'm aware that those characters come from the actors, themselves, but - eh. Welcome to me overthinking. Maybe it's the acting degree. But. If you want a list of the people I've taken as inspiration - that's a loooong list. A long list. It's a list populated by a sordid history of aesthetic crushes. 

Lupita Nyong'o, Tom Hiddleston, Brendan Frasier, Taika Waititi, Vico Ortiz, I mean. I could go on forever with this. There is nothing I've seen, music I've heard, or places I've been that hasn't shown up in a story.

My favorite tea shop turned into a tattoo parlor for Nightmare Ink.

Anyone who works out how to force blogger to let me insert a two -column table into the page and put photos in it gets a cookie. I doubt it'll even let me do that with html at this point. ARG. Anyway. 

If you read any of my stories and you think you recognize a personality quirk in a character, you may well be right. But I'll deny it like mad and tell you it's entirely a product of my own imagination. Yet the truth is that when I admire someone's body of work or a specific look they cultivated for a role or a shoot, it's impossible for me to subsequently create something of my own that doesn't pay homage to whatever struck me in the first place. I guess I'm borrowing a spark from someone else's fire to see if I can't kindle a fire of my own.