Thursday, May 30, 2024

The End


I don't think of the SFF Seven blog without thinking of alumnus James A. Moore. He had wise words to share along with his personal writing journey. And that was the purpose of the Word Whores, now known as the SFF Seven blog, to reach a hand back to those coming behind you. 

Writing is a hard and lonely business and there's no training. You have to go out and find it yourself. We're hanging up the blogging hat, but there's still lots of writing info to be had (you can find us on other socials). Times have changed. AI is coming. And we'll all still be here in the vague sense of 'here online'. But what it really boils down to is: 

  • You should be writing.
  • Get your butt in the chair.

It's been an honor to blog with everyone who has been part of SFF Seven. My TBR grew.  I learned a lot. And I hope I gave back even more. Happy Writing!