Friday, March 29, 2024

Hail the Traveler and Farewell

Today, we pause to wish fair winds and following seas to a friend and author who was a member of the SFF Brigade for a good long while. This week, James A. Moore passed away. 

James wrote over 50 grimdark fantasy and horror novels, games, and comic book scripts. He was a three-time nominee for the Bram Stoker Award. He, in conjunction with good friend Christopher Golden, won the Shirley Jackson Award for editing horror anthology The Twisted Book of Shadows. He delighted in supporting and mentoring other writers. 

Here on the blog, James was a kindhearted contributor who always had encouraging words for the rest of us. He challenged a few of us to write outside our comfort zones. He will be missed. 

Because authors in the United States do not always (or even usually) have anything approaching adequate health insurance, James's illness took an enormous toll on him and his family. As a result, James's friend, Christopher Golden has organized a fund raiser to help offset Memorial Expenses and to support James's widow. The family requests memorials there in lieu of other condolences. 

If you remember James, or even if his name and books are new to you, you can also support his surviving family by picking up his books


  1. I'm glad you did this. Farewell, Jim. You were good people.

  2. Thank you for posting a wonderful farewell for Jim. He was a kind and generous soul who touched more lives than he knew. 💔

  3. Thank you for sharing. Jim was missed on the blog and he will be greatly missed in real life.