Tuesday, June 5, 2018

KAK's 5 Ways To Be a Hardass Creative in a Needy World

The mind is a palace filled with many rooms where you store things of importance...

...and forget where you put them.


Sort of. 

But seriously, this week's topic is how to preserve the mental space for creativity while the real world insists on invading.

Here are my 5 Ways To Be a Hardass Creative in a Needy World:

  1. Adopt the lifestyle of a recluse; failing that, claim a "me space" that is off limits to others
  2. Live by a fairly strict schedule that incorporates time for dealing with practical affairs
  3. Build wiggle room into your creative schedule, always
  4. Deal with unexpected issues swiftly, don't avoid and hope they'll self-resolve 
  5. Respect your self-worth, don't allow others to bypass your boundaries--those boundaries include physical, emotional, financial, artistic, and time.


  1. I need to remember number three...

    1. I aim for two weeks more than I think I'll need. That's usually enough to succumb and recover from normal derailments like crud, tech fails, and burn out.