Thursday, November 7, 2019

And this is where I leave you

So, friends, if you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that my output on here has been... sporadic.  To say the least.  And that's because I've been working hard, and my Big Crazy Plan has been catching up with me.

WAY BACK in 2011, when I was still a Baby Writer trying to get an agent, I decided that I Would Do The Blog every Monday and Thursday, largely as a way to force myself into habit and discipline.  This was in no small part due to being at a conference where one panelist made a point that it's better to Not Have A Blog than it is to have a blog that's updated in a haphazard and dilettante way, especially if you're a Baby Writer trying to show that You Are A Professional Writer Person.  So I dug into that diligence, continuing through selling my first books, and then getting invited to be here on SFF Seven.

But, in the years since then, my focus and needs as a writer has shifted, and while it's been great... it's also been a lot to juggle all the different things.  And one of those things is, of course, maintaining the regular blog posts here.

It's been great here, and I've been thrilled with sharing this space with all these people here.  But, unfortunately, I've reached a point where something has to give, and sadly, SFF Seven makes the most sense. 

I hope a few of the things I've posted over the years have been intriguing or insightful or in some way helpful.  Or at least fun. 

I may still pop in from time to time, when I have something to scream about.  But for now, I'll take a bow, and do one last bit of shouty:

MARADAINE! Four braided series set in the same city!  If you've waited this long, please go put your hands on it!

All right, that's good.  Do good works, people.  I'll see you down in the word mines.