Thursday, December 12, 2019

Glog and a Dog

Bring on the glitter, the cookies, the nog! Bring on the snow gear, more goodies, and the dog!

How to survive the holidays? Well, I’ve always considered myself an introverted extrovert. And I really love getting together with other people, especially around the holidays. I’ve even started an in-person book club to compliment my online-bookclub blog because sometimes you just need to physically get out of the house.  

Being around others can be energizing, but it’s more important to connect. And by connect I mean talking face-to-face with friends and family, even strangers while you waiting in line, and listening. With the shift of the majority of our community to online it’s easy to distance ourselves, easy to become judgmental, too easy to forget our own self-worth. 

And you’re worth more than any online comment, review, or rating. You’re important to someone. So, this holiday season I hope you get out there and share your smile, share some laughs, and maybe share some glog.

But, life is about balance. And during this time of year, with so much people-time, I also need a lot of quiet/alone time. And my alone time either means outside hiking through the snow with my husky, or being cozied up with a cup of coffee and a book. 

So, after you’ve socialized and reconnected with your people, take care of yourself. The holidays can be difficult for many people. Find your happy place. And if yours is like mine, snuggle with a furry face. 

(My old hiking partner, Loki, 
who will forever be in my heart 
even though he's not by my side.)

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