Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Peace in the Silly Season

Earlier this week, Jeffe Kennedy posted a shiny (and glittery) plan for getting through the stress of the holiday season: gathering with people, drinking champagne, embracing joy. I love everything about it.

Erm, except the people.

I'm not a people person. Yesterday my therapist asked if I usually get anxious about holidays, and I had to say, honestly, not really. I mean, most of it is fine. I dig the traditions and the family and snuggling in warm places when the weather outside is cold. I adore warm beverage and selecting gifts and watching on-theme movies and wrapping presents and even decorating the tree. And even though I love my family, even my extended family, and look forward to seeing them... sometimes the constant, inescapable peopling of it all just becomes too much.

Sometimes I need to run away, grab just a few minutes of alone-time. In a sneaky, gift-giving season like this, most folks won't question if I go into a room by myself and lock the door.

So that's my tip for getting through the holidays. Yes, embrace all the parts of tradition you love. But--especially if you're an introvert, like me--remember to build in some solo time when you can recharge.

Warm, cozy wishes for you all during this season. (Or cool thoughts, alternately, if you're on that side of the world.)


  1. Great advice! I absolutely work in the alone time. Staying up to read by the light of the Christmas tree with a glass of brandy is a fave :-)

    1. That sounds heavenly! I might have to stay up pretty late to outlast the teens, but it's definitely appealing enough to try!

    2. I only have to outlast the hubs...

  2. I'm so with you on this. I love it all, but after endless hours surrounded by people I'm exhausted.