Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Marketing Ya Ought To: Post Regularly

Marketing: One "thing" I do (or ought to do) to expand my reader reach/awareness...

As part of team #YaOoughtTo, one thing I know I ought to do and spectacularly fail to do is to post to my socials with regularity. It's not that I don't check Twitter and FB multiple times a day, it's that I'm a lurker extraordinaire. 

However, if I want to build engagement, I need to ...engage. Funny how that works, eh? If I can create a reader expectation that new "content" will be available every Tues & Thurs, then slowly but surely those interested will know to check for said new content and their awareness of my existence doesn't fade away between book releases. 

Consistency, it's the same theory behind publishing monthly newsletters. It's all about creating reader expectations and delivering on them. (Yeah, I don't do monthly newsletters either, just new release newsletters.#YaOughtTo) 

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