Sunday, May 6, 2018

No Thank-You

I've been thinking about our customs around saying "thank-you" to people. Since our topic at the SFF Seven this week is whatever is on our minds, I'm going for this!

Way back in January 2013 I did a post on why I hate thank-you notes, and I tell you - I *still* get people finding my blog by Googling that topic, and sending me messages. So, this is something I've been mulling for a long time.

I've gotten a new perspective on the topic lately as I've been reading Seanan McGuire's October Daye urban fantasy series. The stories are set in a contemporary world where Faerie exists and interfaces with the human one. It's interesting to me that one of her world rules is that the fae are exceedingly careful about saying "thank you" as it implies a contract and obligation.

It makes me feel pretty fancy because in my first fantasy romance series, A Covenant of Thorns, which is about a modern day scientist who ends up in Faerie, uses this same element. I wasn't nearly as deliberate about it as McGuire is, but I had that in the back of my mind. I hadn't thought of it the way she uses it, that a thank-you seals a magical pact, but it explains a lot of my intuitive dislike of the expression.

AND, it explains why I really dislike the use of "thank-you in advance." How much more of an obligation does THAT create?

All very interesting. Plus a fun excuse to revisit this trilogy that doesn't get that much attention from me anymore. :-)