Tuesday, August 7, 2018

On My Mind: Failed Marketing

"Gimme the damn cookie, woman."
On my mind this week is...marketing. Primarily boosting consumer awareness of my books and how to do it without being a nag while having some fun.

On the social networks, August has become #Dogust. As some dear readers may recall, earlier this year I had adopted a new-to-me hairy beastie. I hatched a silly little promo plan of having my dog pose as my protagonist in various recreated scenes from the books with the intention of uploading the photos alongside a book quote.

I ordered the wig, amassed the props, readied the backgrounds... I did not, however, consult the star of the ad campaign.

She is having none of my weird.

But she will take the many, many treats I've used trying to get her to wear the wig instead of eating it. 🙄

Best laid plans and whatnot. Alas. On to Plan B...

Hey, I wrote some books. Buy them? 

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