Sunday, August 26, 2018

Meet My Awesome Cover Designer

The Arrows of the Heart
Our topic this week is Cover Artist Praise. An easy topic for me because Ravven is an amazing cover designer. She's done all three of these for me and clearly rocked them all. 

The Snows of Windroven
 Her portfolio speaks for itself. I can add that she's prompt, efficient, delightful to work with and somehow manages to pretty much nail the cover image the first time, every time, with only minor tweaks needed after that.

The Shift of the Tide
I would like to take a moment to clarify that a cover artist and a cover designer are not necessarily the same thing. I was at Bubonicon yesterday and was on a couple of panels about self-publishing and I noticed fellow paInelists and audience members conflating cover artist and cover designer. Basically, a cover artist does the actual artwork and the designer lays out the titles and font, does the spine, and generally adjusts the art to make an effective cover. In this case, Ravven does both, but not all artists can design covers, and not all cover designers can create the art.

Also, I'm excited to announce that I'll soon have another Ravven cover to share! On November 13, we'll be releasing SEASONS OF SORCERY, an anthology with me, Grace Draven, Jennifer Estep, and Amanda Bouchet. I'm 90% sure my story will be from Harlan's point of view. Should be pretty awesome!


  1. Those are beautiful covers! I love the design as much as the artwork. (Font choice and layout are so crucial yet underappreciated.)

    1. Yes - it's so great to work with someone so talented at both aspects!

  2. I now follow her on Twitter because of you and all of her work is stunning. I love how she has the same feel for each of your books but still manages to give them their own feel, just beautiful.

    And YAY!!! What a group of authors for Seasons of Sorcery!! WOW!!

    1. I love seeing all of Ravven's work. She does such great stuff!

      And yes! Seasons of Sorcery should be awesome :D