Monday, May 4, 2020

Music and Mayhem

This week's subject is interesting: which of our books would we like to see as a musical, and who would write it?

Well, damn it, I say dream big.

I'd have to say my first novel, UNDER THE OVERTREE would be my suggestion. There's tons of teenaged angst, hidden desires and dark motivations to consider. Really, it's sort of a coming of age tale, but on the dark side.  I can see it lending itself to the musical format.

So now the question is, who should write and design it?

The answer I simple: Freddy Mercury, David Bowie and Prince.  Seriously, those three together? Can you IMAGINE the showmanship? The passion and angst?  WHEN DOVES CRY, mixed with SAIL AWAY SWEET SISTER and finished off with SPACE ODDITY. My God, what a show they would have made.

I can't imagine a better combination unless you throw in a little early Elton John.