Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Trio of Joy

As we putter closer to the end of 2022, we're asked:

Holidays: Three Things That Bring You Joy
(anything from art to recipes, to books, to yoga poses)

White dog staring at camera
That's not contrition.
That's mayhem seconds
before launch

First and foremost must be the resident SWMBO, my pupper Pi. With a permanent wink and an expression of "let's do mischief together," she brings me love and joy even when she is the most pesty. It's been four years since I adopted her from the rescue and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

The second thing of joy: Limitless playlists. Whether it's Bryn Terfel singing a rousing ditty about hippopotami or the Helsinki Vampires (aka the 69 Eyes) asking if they're scary enough for me, there is always music streaming somewhere around me. Gone are the days of having to flip the tape or reload the CD changer (shhh, I'm old, I know). 16 hours a day (24 if you include the sound-soother rainstorm pattering throughout the night), I'm reveling in the joy of all kinds of music all the time. 

Third thing: Illustrations. Artists, man, I am continually amazed and thrilled by their skills. From comics to covers to stand-alone commissions, whenever I need to be in a particular emotional headspace, I go to online galleries. Often buying prints of the pieces that move me, I've accepted that unless my home magically spawns extra wall space, I must rotate the pieces regularly in order to reap the benefits of my collection. While the prints haven't outpaced by TBR pile, they're doing their damnedest. 

Cheers to a very merry holiday season!

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