Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Socials

Social media is an ever-changing space where the platforms that are all the rage (hello, Hive Social) pop up and then, most often than not, disappear quietly into the dead/dying platform abyss with my long-lost love, Myspace.

But there is one platform I always (no, really, it's got its claws in me so deep) come back to…


Though I can’t set my top four and watch the world burn, I can have a lot of fun on IG. I know most people hate Instagram because it’s so hard to please the algorithm gods on there, but I’ve been having fun posting whatever I want, whenever I want. (Even Alexia mentioned IG was her platform of choice in this blog HERE.)

Lately, I’ve been spending my days creating content where I’m marketing my novel A Realm of Ash and Shadow, sharing glimpses into my life as a debut author, posting memes and inspo graphics that showcase my personality, bookish photos that appeal to my target readers, and, most recently, setting music to my static posts for optimal ✨vibes✨.

While I am strategic in the layout of my feed (because #aesthetics), I’m less stiff in my captions/content, and I’m able to show my readers (AKA my target audience!) who I am beyond the keyboard, and that IRL we could probably (okay, definitely) be friends.

Many authors have had the same experience on TikTok, but I, personally, don’t think I’m cool or witty enough to commit to constant video creation. Whereas pretty photos and memes and selfies a few times a week feels more manageable. Maybe this will change in the future, but as of right now, Instagram is my ride or die.

Beyond my personal preferences, Instagram has been the foundation for growing and establishing my author platform. I have been able to engage with so many readers and fellow authors on IG, and I have no doubt the platform will have a huge impact on the success of my debut release in April 2023.

Love it or hate it, IG is constantly improving their platform and keeping up with the times. Even if it does seem like it’s stealing all of the best parts of dead/dying platforms, haha. Here’s looking at you IG Stories 👀.

I truly can’t wait to see what it implements next. A music clip on our profile like good ol’ Myspace? Yes, please.

Are you on Instagram? Are you loving your time there? Let’s connect! Find me at @laraonfire on IG.

Lara Buckheit is the author of A Realm of Ash and Shadow. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Wilmington University, is a 2021 WriteMentor Mentee, an avid writer (and reader) of spice, and one time she met Taylor Swift's dad. She started writing at a very young age, mostly fanfiction centered around women with swords and men with devilish grins. And she hasn't stopped since. When not writing, Lara can be found drinking tea, hustling for her day job, and reading from her endless TBR pile. Lara currently lives in Charlottesville, VA, with her husband, dog, and thirteen houseplants named after fictional characters.

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