Thursday, December 22, 2022

Joy Bringers

I make a conscious effort to find joy every day. Big or small, and especially when I’m feeling down. So it was difficult to narrow it down to three for our week’s theme of Three Things That Bring You Joy!

a young girl, two young boys, their black and white Siberian husky, and their father walk on a steep, autumn gold hillside overlooking Red Wing MN

Exploring brings me boundless joy, especially when I talk my whole family into it. Hiking trails, or making our own, is something we do in all weather. And it never fails to trigger images of characters traveling on quests or spy pieces that could be on another planet. 

a black and white Siberian husky with piercing blue eyes gazes back at the camera as he rests beside blue jean clad legs that are stretched out on the floor of a greenhouse, potted plants off to the side

Like chocolate and peanut butter, it’s wonderful when two good things combine into something even greater! My husky pup, Ullr, accompanies me when I slip out to my greenhouse to play with plants. Even on days where it’s negative fourteen Fahrenheit, playing with my plants makes me happy.

Alexia Chantel, wearing a green plaid shirt and black leggings, sits crosslegged on a rocky cliff edge overlooking pine forest beneath a clear blue sky

Last is one thing that helps spread smiles across my face. Yoga and meditation. Being able to clear my mind and stop the thoughts from bombarding me constantly helps my dopamine and helps my writing. And yoga gets me some zen and keep me limber after long writing sessions. 

There are a few of my favorite things. How about you? What are some of your favorites that bring you joy?

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