Sunday, September 3, 2023

Marketing and Making Author Friends

2023 has been a whirlwind - I can't believe it's the end of the summer already! In Canada we have Labour Day Weekend this weekend and then the children go back to school on Tuesday. The last days of fun and frolic until we have to get serious and studious again. Sigh!


I'm finishing up a marketing course by Shelby Leigh and looking forward to implementing what I've learned this fall. Most authors don't have a degree or experience in marketing and it can seem overwhelming to promote our books. We can feel like it's impossible to be heard or that we can't find our readers. And much marketing advice for entrepreneurs doesn't translate quickly to the author setting. Finding those people who get it and can help us navigate the marketing waters is incredibly helpful. Shelby has been an important contributor to my knowledge and my confidence in promoting my books. And just in time, since it's Promo Week on the SFF 7 Authors blog!


Shelby helped me define the themes and emotions that go into my stories and will resonate with my readers. I've always been a fan of the Fated Mates trope and I love writing shifter stories. For me, these themes connect with reader's desires to read about a true connection and partnership between equals in romantic relationships, as well as our need for belonging and community. Shifters for me are about transformation and being our best selves while facing the evils of the world. Giving us hope for a better future.

You can read Book 2 in the Laurentian Mountain Clan series I'm writing. Mind's Peace introduces a geeky billionaire shifter and his curvy librarian soulmate who have to work together to discover where to find the ancient sorcerers who have attacked the shifter clan. Along the way, our librarian heroine comes to terms with her magical powers of prescience and controlling fires. 

He was looking for answers, not his Fated Mate.

After his cheating girlfriend dumps him, Thomas Ducharme, Lieutenant of the Laurentian Mountain Clan, believes he has nothing to offer. The Fated Mates prophecy will never apply to him. But shadowy supernaturals have allied with a rival clan and his energy is used best by discovering the origins of Frè res Gris Consortium.

Ever since Tatienne Laflamme lost her parents in a house fire, she has feared her fiery nightmares. She was left to raise her sister, but she can't stop her passion when she meets billionare ski mogul Thomas Ducharme. Thomas knows she belongs with him. She just has to let him in.

As Tatienne helps Thomas seek the truth of his foes, she becomes a target and is pulled into the world of shifters and the conflict between clans. When their enemies endanger her and her sister, Tatienne finds the courage to harness her dreams to find the Frè res Gris Consortium. Thomas' s pack gets closer to answers, and they can' t do it without her.

The fire in her heart can help them defeat the clan' s foes. But how can she confront her fears and accept the peace that Thomas offers?

Read in KU or get your copy here! Mind's Peace Book Link.

Making Author Friends

This spring I also contributed to a fantasy romance anthology, Bound in Magic, which featured a dazzling array of fantasy settings, lots of bada$$ women characters, and all kinds of true love. The limited edition collection of stories has concluded, but my friendships with the awesome group of authors continues (stay tuned for information about the next collection, coming spring 2024).

You can check out the amazing featured authors on instagram:

Coincidentally, this collection featured stories from three Canadian authors of fantasy romance! Elayna and Danielle are my fellow countrywomen and I'm thrilled to get to know them better along with the other authors in the anthology (special shout out to our fearless leader, Priscilla Rose!).

Danielle's first book came out in 2022, same as mine. (Funny story, that's how the Bound in Magic collection began, with a group of debut authors featured in the FaRoFeb blog.

Her Twingenuity series is a gorgeous take on twin sisters who change places. 

Amara was like any other princess from a once magical kingdom. Like most, she had secrets, her biggest one of all; She’s actually her twin sister Avery.

After Avery is taken from her ordinary life and brought to the mysterious kingdom of Soluna, she is introduced to the heir to the throne, and her twin sister, Amara.

Not everyone believes Amara is the rightful heir so she ventures off on the quest of her life to prove them wrong, leaving Avery behind to impersonate a sister and life she knows nothing about.

Follow both Avery and Amara as they discover more about themselves than they ever thought possible, including unbelievable powers.

You can read Book 1 here:

I'm thrilled to support Danielle and my fellow authors by buying and reading their books. Indie authors are a wonderful bunch of people! Check them out now. 

Love, Mimi