Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blogging - Is It Worth It?

Very excited to show the cover for my upcoming duology with Grace Draven, FOR CROWN AND KINGDOM. This contains my novella, THE CROWN OF THE QUEEN, and comes out the same day as THE PAGES OF THE MIND, May 31. The novella bridges the aftermath of THE TALON OF THE HAWK to the opening of THE PAGES OF THE MIND. Grace's story, THE UNDYING KING, is an awesome stand-alone.
This week's topic is "Why I Blog." I almost feel like it should be "Why I Blog Even Though Everyone and Their Cousin Sophia Says that Blogging Is Dead."
Because it seems like that's all I see and hear regarding blogging these days, and yet the seven of us here are doing it anyway. Five years now, for many of us!

Personally, I blog quite a bit - here, on other group blogs, and on my own site. Why do I do it?

It's easy for me.

That's the primary reason. I started out as a writer with short, personal essays and it's my fall back skill. I can write blog posts quickly, they seem to be reasonably engaging and a good venue for me to engage social-media-wise. I'm a big proponent of do the social media that works for you.

This works for me.

I'll be interested in everyone else's answers, too! (Which, I suppose, is another reason I do it - I enjoy the group interplay.)


  1. Yeah, I'm still blogging right along. Not that a ton of people stop by these days, but then again, when I started, I was pretty much just talking to myself anyway. Same same. Except now I have three blogs I contribute to. =o)

    1. I think that's key - be happy when people reply and let it go when they don't. :-)

  2. Blogging is dead? Not to me!
    I like reading blog posts, and I like blogging.
    Yes: everyone tries to convince me to post my reviews on amazon because of... things!
    Mostly because of the magical 50 reviews, I think.
    But I'd feel limited if I would only post on a retail site. especially when I'm ranting.
    So I keep blogging and reading blogs, and not just because I trust reviews on blogs more than retail site reviews with their sockpuppetry.

    1. One day this Amazon review monopoly won't mean so much. I think a lot of passionate readers are like you - far more likely to trust a blog review.

  3. Yes, we can tell blogging is easy for you! :) You have humor and fun in each post...part of why I keep coming back to read them!

    1. Ha! and *mwah* - you, like B.E., are an awesomely loyal blog reader!