Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why do I blog?

I've asked myself this question many times. Good thing we have the highly organized KAK who keeps our calendar of topics working. Truth. Blogging is part of the job with a change of scenery and the potential for feedback.  The real challenge.

Three Reasons Why I Blog, **now with sarcasm at no extra charge

3.) I’m an author, so of course I regularly put energy into activities that are often futile…like getting lost in research for days and emerging with three perfect bits I need and two hundred neat but useless bits that led me so very far astray….

2.) Writing about the craft of writing reinforces that particular aspect of the craft of writing that I am writing about. {Read that 3 times really fast…} It’s career homework for which there is no grade given and no credit towards a degree offered. But it’s practice and its interaction with fans, which helps a poor author feel relevant in a big, big world.

1.) It’s cheaper than a therapist, who’d also ask me to talk about various aspects of my life. And it’s out there on the internet {read that as: a not always supportive anonymous support group} so if I fuck up, the suggestions of how to fix it {and various unrelated areas of my life} will be plentiful.