Sunday, March 25, 2018

Welcome to My Mediterranean Villa

I often joke that in my old age, I shall be writing from the balcony of my Mediterranean Villa. Grace Draven plans to live with me (we figure our husbands will be gone by then - sorry, guys!) and we'll have several very handsome young men with medical training to look after us.

Why the Mediterranean instead of the Caribbean, you may ask? Many of you know that's my favorite place.

No hurricanes. Better medical care. A girl has to plan this stuff.

That's our topic this week: If you could not write in your customary spot, what’s your dream writing environment?

What about you all - dream writing spot? Dream retirement spot?


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  2. Tell me there will be guest bedrooms. Although, I suppose my odds of still being around are no better than the other guys. Still, Linda would totes come visit. Like, long term.

  3. Linda can totally come, but it's BYOCB. And you, too - if you make it :-)