Monday, March 4, 2019

Play me a song....

SO, much like our Jeffe, I don't have playlists. I prefer silence when I'm writing. That said I love a good soundtrack. I sometimes write to music to work past the problem of other people's noise.

When I was living back in Georgia in a communal sort of environment brought on by circumstance, my brother-in-law, in his passive-aggressive fury, would play video games while I was trying to write. He would play them very loudly and then play them loud enough to shake the walls. I would ignore that with music until we reached the stage where the bass shook my chest, then I would walk over to the next room where he was playing and offer to ram his speakers when the sun didn't shine if he continued at that volume. good times, good times.

So, yes, sometimes music, And when I am working out scenes and stories in my head there is always music.

I have listened to every type of music but it's often soundtracks.

The Sopranos soundtrack, volume one was very handy. Still is.

SONGS ABOUT JANE by Maroon Five was the music of choice for the entire marathon stint of writing BLOOD RED.

Bladerunner's soundtrack by Vangelis is definitely high on the list,

Everything by Hosier compiled into a playlist works wonderfully for me.

now and then a bout of Disturbed's first album goes a long way,

And then there's Norah Jones (I love that woman's voice) to soothe me when I'm feeling the need to calm down after a stressful day.

There are no guarantees as to what will work for me, but now and then Music hath Charms....