Sunday, March 10, 2019

Screaming Love and More for You

At the SFF Seven this week, we're discussing author fan groups – whether we have them, like them, how they work, and we're interested in what the readers think about them. Do you belong to any fan groups and what do you like about them, which are your favorites and why?

I confess I didn't have a fan group for a really long time. I don't really love the word "fan" to begin with, and given the opportunity, I'll say "my readers" instead. With I think of "fan" I immediately picture Simon Zealotes from Jesus Christ, Superstar, singing and dancing with his crew about their fanatical zealotry.

What can I say? Early impressions and all that.

But I did finally form a fan group on Facebook because one of my readers asked me to. I did it back in November of 2016 and it's called "Jeffe's Closet." That's a bit of an inside joke. I used to have a Tumblr called Jeffe's Closet. Actually, it's still there - but because Tumblr freaked out about erotic images, and my closet was full of naughty pictures, it's been gutted. Or it's there, but behind a firewall? I don't even know anymore. I haven't added to it in forever, mostly because in the era of Trump, images of girls in chains began to feel too literal and not at all sexy anymore.


Anyway, I like my private group! I post extra things there occasionally, and ask people to weigh in on stuff. Probably I should post there more often. So that leads me to ask - what should I be posting? What author fan groups do you belong to, what's the platform and what are your favorite things to see there?

Oh, and in case you haven't seen it, there's the final cover for LONEN'S REIGN! Out March 20 and available for preorder now :-)



  1. Anything about your writing, anything pertinent about your personal situation (no need to post TMI, but we like touching base with you as a person), anything pertinent about the world situation (pertinent to your stories or related things-- it's a safe space, so no drama), etc-- in other words, just what you do now, but more of it! I'm a member of several groups (Penny's, Elizabeth's, etc.) and they keep me sane.

    1. By the way, I can see your point re: fans (and Simon)-- grew up with the film/play and loved it. However, I think the groups, carefully managed, keep writers grounded/connected. Many of the writers I have seen (virtually and in person) are not necessarily extroverted. I feel you might be an exception. Also, on another tangent-- love the new covers and I am so happy the series is completing!

    2. Those are excellent points about staying grounded and sane. I will check in more!

      I think I'm an ambivert - or an introvert with extrovert skills :-)

      And woohoo that you like the covers!!

  2. I'm not part of a fandom. If I really fall in love with something, book, movie, type of wine, I tell people and make my own bubble of 'lets enjoy this thing together because it's awesome'. So maybe I'd like being part of some fan groups? Nah, I like my bubbles :)