Wednesday, April 8, 2020

And the trope came back, the very next day

You know that maybe-a-bit-too-dark kids' cartoon song "The Cat Came Back" about Mr. Johnson who tries to get rid of his overly destructive cat but the cat keeps, um, coming back? (For reference:

That's sort of the opposite of me and story tropes. Nothing pleases me more than a beloved story trope all dressed up in some shiny modernity and busting back out into the market.

Story: Back in middle school, I read all of Anne Rice -- even her erotica, shh, don't tell -- and loved, loved, loved vampires. All things vampire. I played Vampire: The Masquerade in college. At a roleplaying con. For which I won an award. I watched all the vamp movies (aside: Tom Cruise will never be Lestat to me, but Antonio Banderas pinching a flame out sure was fun) and read pretty much every vampire book in the library. So, seriously, drowned myself in the vamp goodness. It was glorious.

And then the Twilight thing happened, and the world went, oops, maybe too much vamp, and then sadly all my angsty undeads went away.

I missed them and kept my spirits up by re-reading my faves and a few determined series that kept on going (bless you, Christa Paige and Juliet Lyons), but then guess what came out yesterday?

No really, guess.

*jumping up and down*



May this officially usher in a new round of vampire fiction.

And may it never, ever, ever, ever again sparkle.

p.s. -- When I saw the SFF Seven topic for this week, I had a twinge of panic. I wasn't sure what was hot in the market these days, so I asked my Facebook buds, and apparently alien mchotties with prehensile everythings are a big deal at the moment, which you know what that means? Tentacle porn is back, too! If you need to dig out some very old and dodgy anime purely for the nostalgia, I won't tell anyone.

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