Thursday, April 2, 2020

What's your go-to form of entertainment? Me...Bookscapism!

Well, this week’s topic couldn’t have come at a better time. We’re all stuck at home and consuming loads of entertainment. My household is in strict isolation due to our immune systems taking a hit from a different virus...EBV. What can I say, kids love to share! 

*mental note* no more sharing of food and drink

Being stuck inside takes a toll on the mind, so we’ve been breaking out every board game we own, having family movie nights with popcorn, and reading. But my all-time-fave form of entertainment?

If you’ve ever been in my house, or follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen my clutter. And by clutter I mean my multiple stacks of books. I can’t hide my book addiction and even though my husband used to make fun of me for my towering bedside pile, he now has a growing mini one! 

There’s also the ever-changing end table stack, this is usually where the library books rotate through.

Though the great watering hole for town library, school library, and home library is the side table in the kitchen. Because of course there should be a stack of books in the kitchen.

And the pretty-book stack, the ones that have recently been read or to-be-read (TBR) that are too pretty to put away.

But it’s the surprise stacks that I enjoy the most. These pop up in unexpected places, don’t stay too long, and sometimes parts of the stack reappear in a brand new configuration somewhere else! Right now there’s one on the stairs. 

Show me your stacks! Do you have a leaning tower somewhere? Or are you imbibing in my second favorite entertainment media…movies? We’re cruising through the Mandalorian, it’s movie-esque, and it’s amazing with gorgeous artwork in the credits!!

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  1. When we find ourselves in books, our world becomes bigger.