Friday, April 3, 2020


While out walking yesterday, I came upon this motley crew. These dinos each had a sign. Triceratops carries one saying, "Be cool. Sanitize." T-Rex says, "Wash your hands." We're finding all kinds of sidewalk chalk art - some of it really sophisticated stuff, some of it equally delightful is clearly drawn by our neighborhood kids. All of the artwork comes with encouraging messages. Someone's also been busy painting palm-sized stones in the neighborhood and leaving them scattered about for everyone to find and enjoy. So when we talk about my go-to entertainment, apparently my options are wider than I'd once believed. Still. When we thought up this exercise, it was pre-plague. I have a ranking system to accommodate my preferences for entertainment. It goes thusly.

1. Books
2. Games
3. Comics
4. Movies/TV

I've loved all aspects of being entertained and this list has been renumbered over and over through out my life, but I don't think books ever fell out of the number one spot. That said, I will say that this game is getting a lot of play right now because it is so topical. Don't go watch the game trailer. It's -- hard to watch right now.

 When the game gets a little too real, I retreat to World of Warcraft or to writing my own stories as a means of escape. And I'll tell you. Some days, there's nothing quite like a mindless decorating show on TV to fill you with a sense of ease and normalcy. Maybe because I get to hold a cat while I do it.


  1. Yep, home decorating and baking shows come in real handy.

    1. Mom and I have agreed upon who we'd let decorate our house. So at least there's that, I guess?

  2. I seem to go
    Back to tv ;)