Thursday, December 23, 2021

DIY Holiday Cheer!

A solid-core door cut in half and flipped to make a Christmas tree, painted bright green, and strung with white lights. 

Baking, decorating, wrapping...crafting decorations. Whatever you're up to this week I hope you enjoy! I finished turning this solid-core door into a Christmas tree. 

If you have an old door sitting around, collecting dust, give this a go!

  • Cut the door diagonally in half
  • Paint it! I went with a bright Christmas tree green
  • Flip one side so it takes a tree shape and reattach the hinges
  • Set upright and enjoy!

I’m excited about the stack of books waiting for me. Coffee and reading, that’s my Christmas morning plan. After the kiddos wake us up for presents that is. But after dealing with puke this week, I’ll gladly wake up early if it means they’re feeling good.

I hope you and yours stay healthy and joyous! 

Merry Christmas! 

Happy Holidays!