Thursday, July 28, 2022

Camp Rare-way Publishing

There’s traditional publishing where you work with a publishing house. There’s self-publishing where you’re in control and hire as needed. There’s hybrid where you have books published both trad and self-pub. But, then there’s….me? 

I’ve always been on the traditional publishing track. That model suits my situation and health needs. But when my first book went out on submission it got offers from—audiobook companies. 


Audiobook companies are sort of like traditional publishing? They’re producing the final product. But, they’re sort of like self-publishing? As far as my experience went, I was responsible for all editing (thank you past-self for being so smart and hiring that out), proof reading, final turn in of my manuscript. 

I guess I don’t really know what camp that puts me in. Camp Rareway? 

What it really means is, I can go whichever way I choose. And so can you! There’s benefits in both, some cons in both—do I sense a Rory Gilmore Pro-Con list coming on? But there’s only one way that will fit you perfectly. 

Check out my fellow SFF Sevener’s posts, research the differences in publishing big, small, by yourself, or a combo, then decide what suits you. And don’t let anyone look down on you for your choice. They’re your stories to tell and put out there in your own way. 

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