Saturday, February 10, 2024

FaRoFeb celebrates together!

 HR Moore founded FaRoFeb to celebrate fantasy romance and romantasy books every year. It has a robust author community that celebrates each others' successes and cheers each other on via the discord server and on social media.

February is FaRoFeb's month, which includes extra exciting promos and events. Check out the remaining schedule and put it on your calendar for next year: The community has grown and we now have events throughout the year, so it's never too late to see what they're up to.

We've been working on the TikTok feed for FaRo - the newest place we can be found! We love sharing our reading interests with the BookTok community.

Finding like-minded, supportive communities is one key to a successful book release. You can learn from your peers about their book release tips, for instance, and support each other by sharing book release social media posts. Nobody should go through this alone. 

A hot tip, though. Make sure you've done your homework before you ask for advice in author communities. 

  • Has someone recently asked the same question in the facebook group? Read that post instead of asking the group to repeat their answers. 
  • Have you already checked some of the big author blogs and sites for answers (like the great advice we have on SFF 7 Authors this week)? If someone has already written about the topic, it's better to read that and then ask a follow-up question rather than, again, making the group repeat answers. 
  • Are you asking beginner questions in an advanced authors' group, or vice versa?  Remember you are not just taking from the community, but should be contributing too, so working at a similar level will be more helpful for everyone.

How do you prepare for your book releases? Let us know in the comments. And happy writing!

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