Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Recurrent Theme/Trope: The Chosen One

All the stories I
love love love 
are tales of good-versus-evil. 

I know, 
from a certain point of view, 
perhaps every story 
is good-versus-evil, 
so to put a finer point 
on my thought, 
I'll say that whether 
it's the everyday Joe 
opposing evil, 
or some mystical savior 
sent from on high, 
those Chosen Ones 
appeal to me.


But too often 
those Chosen One's 
have been male.
It's a big part of
I write. 

In the last 20 years 
we've had a few women 
in that role filmwise 
either directly 
{Leeloo in 5th Element, c.1997} 
or arguably 
{Alice in Resident Evil franchise, 
Katniss of Hunger Games, 
Selene of the Underworld franchise}. 

Most recently, 
Diana of Themyscira 
has rooted herself 
as a badass, 
legit, female 
Chosen One 
to be Reckoned With.

I've been writing female 
Chosen Ones since 2009 
when Persephone Alcemdi 
-- "the Witches Messiah" -- 
first hit the shelves with 

I've continued that trend with 
released earlier this year.

It manifests in writing a
strong female character
who has a big destiny,
and showing her
facing her fears,
stepping up and
confronting evil
in addition
to the day-to-day 
struggles of her life.