Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Oh no she didn't! (Except I so did.)

Ermaghad, the topic this week is gaffes we’ve made in books, published and pre. I…don’t even know where to start. I am a serial word abuser. (If you ever meet my copy editor, please buy her a drink and promise to never spontaneously make up verbs.) So how about a game of Six Truths and a Lie? In honor of our SFF Seven blog title, here are seven super-embarrassing word crimes I have committed:

  1. The fanfiction from second grade where Luke and Leia went out on a date. (Qualification: RotJ wasn’t out yet, so the incest was as yet unconfirmed. Also, I wasn’t super clear what a date was but had some hazy thought that it had something to do with eating pasta together, like Lady and the Tramp.) 
  2. The one-act play I wrote in high school, which I intended to be this tense, tragic relationship drama, but the actors got ahold of it and played it as a straight-up comedy and I never told anyone it wasn't meant to be funny. At all. 
  3. The tech document I wrote about a public health web site but forgot the L in "public." 
  4. The thing with a scuba suit that was so gross my critique partner wrote “eeewww” in the margin. 
  5. Same book, I wrote a prologue. 
  6. Still same book, I wrote not one, not two, but three flashback scenes. 
  7. That fanfiction tale of old Gondor interpreted through a series of limericks. 

Aaaaand of those is a lie.