Saturday, December 1, 2018

Picture Books and Regency Romances - My Favorite Holiday Books

I have to take this week's topic of favorite holiday books from two standpoints - favorite picture books we used to read every year when the children were little - and Regency romance, which is my personal FAVORITE ever holiday genre. Give me that snowy inn or the big house party at the Duke's estate (any Duke but he must waltz)!

Picture books first. The one that comes to my mind immediately when this topic is raised would be The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett. Her books are marvelous, with all these intricate details in the illustrations, plus the main character in this holiday book is a girl, which my daughters especially loved. I still have my collection of Jan Brett books and when she has a new one released I BUY IT.

Second would be Tosca's Christmas by Anne Mortimer, who does wonderful cat illustrations, and Matthew Sturgis. We're cat people in my family and this tale is holiday fun.

Third would be Angelina's Christmas by Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig (illustrator). We had the entire Angelina Ballerina series but this one is a December favorite.

For myself, my single most favorite Regency Christmas story IN THE WORLD is The Best Gift by Mary Balogh. The story of Jane, a single teacher at a girls' school, who has no family, and goes to chaperone one of her students over the holidays. There's a Viscount rather than a Duke but he waltzes and I just love this story.

My second favorite is The Porcelain Madonna, also by Mary Balogh. There is no waltzing but there's a lovely story...

And my third favorite is The Best Husband Money Can Buy by Mary Jo Putney.  I love everything about that one, but especially the idea of the huge family gathering annually for their Christmas celebration...always room for another couple. And waltzing. Plus the story of how the heroine became rich is based on a real, heart warming episode...

And last, The Wise Virgin from Jo Beverley, which is more of a medieval tale but I like it...

Best Wishes for a very Happy Holiday season!


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