Tuesday, May 28, 2019

3 Deadly Deadline Distractions

Wow, Jeffe's Top 7 Distractions is spot-on, especially the NO INTERWEBS. So, what, oh what, could I possibly contribute to such a great list? Three things:

  1. Pets Who Want To Play
    • Let's face it, it's hard to resist the puppy eyes or the entreating mew. It's damn near impossible to ignore the animal on the keyboard. Be they 5 pounds or 50, if Fluffy wants your attention, Fluffy will find a way to get it. 
  2. Toppled Drinks
    • That cup of coffee, stein of wine, or balloon of brandy seemed like a great idea until a Random Act of Gracelessness upended all that sweet sticky substance into the keyboard. Why, after all these years, haven't hardware manufacturers developed waterproof keyboards/bottom decks?
  3. Spawns
    • Dear Reader, I spent the long weekend looking after my three niblings and two fur-babies. I ask you parents, how do you do it? Up at dawn, always on, and holy moly the energy required just to get through breakfast. The wee nieces weren't ill-behaved by any reasonable measure; they were simply being typical school-aged children. But hooboy I barely had time to sit, much less turn on the laptop. Thoughts remotely related to my WiP? Didn't happen. My gray cells overheated from functioning as a surveillance system, always alert and continually revising strategies for copacetic coexistence. Hat-tip all you who do this every day.

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