Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Celebrating BIPOC Artists: Abelle Hayford

Artist: Abelle Hayford
from their website
I'm a fan of Abelle Hayford's work, both creatively and for bringing attention to other amazing artists. One of my favorite February happenings is when @AbelleHayford kicks off #DrawingWhileBlack on Twitter. At one point they'd built a searchable dB of black artists who were looking for freelance/commission work from which I'd collected a wishlist of potential cover artists. Alas, the dB isn't up anymore (that may or may not be temporary), but the hashtag is one to follow if you're looking to discover great new-to-you artists for possible gigs or the simple enjoyment of their work. According to their pinned tweet, DWB will be underway at the end of this month (Feb 26-28).

Naturally, you should check out Abelle's work too, which is amazing: AbelleHayford.com

Nope, I don't know them personally. I'm just a fan.