Thursday, June 24, 2021

Popular/Unpopular—Find What You Love

Two brown, cardboard boxes and one white ice cream pail filled with fresh picked strawberries all sitting on a bed of golden hay and a line of green shrubs in the background.


We’re nearing the end of June and I’ve been absent from the blog for a couple of weeks. Life has been busy and demanding, and my mental bandwidth has been maxed out. 

Today is a new day and this week we’re talking about unpopular opinions. I’d like to say…wait for it…I think I’m full of popular opinions! 

Strawberries are summertime and should be enjoyed in large quantities.

cup of coffee with patio and planters in hazy background

Sunsets are for taking a breath and being thankful for what the day has brought. 

Coffee is for quiet, book contemplations.

Furry side-kicks are for cuddling.

And wine is for sharing the patio with friends! 

What’s a popular opinion you’re in love with right now? 

I hope your week is filled with inspiration!

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