Saturday, December 17, 2016

My Three Most Memorable Reads of 2016

When I'm talking about memorable books, I go by two things: do I still recall large chunks of the plot and details of the romance long after I finished reading the book? Or even better, has it become one that I reread when I'm in just the right mood?

Being a voracious reader, I go through tons of books during a given year, usually on my trusty kindle.

In no certain order then, here are my most memorable of 2016 (I tried to stick with books released in 2016 since like Jeffe mentioned earlier in the week, I often read ARC's of future books that aren't out yet and/or I read books that have been out forever but I just found them):

Michelle Diener’s Class 5 Series (three books): Dark Horse, Dark Deeds, Dark Minds. Although the first book was released in 2015, the other two came out this year and the series as a whole is excellent. I’ve written about, talked about and recommended these books everywhere. I loved the three smart Earth women heroines and the spooky smart Class 5 Artificial Intelligences, AND the alien heroes were excellent stalwart military dudes with sexy Tolkien elf-like pointy ears. Definitely in my "I remember the book" and the "I reread the book" category.

Writings from Ancient Egypt by Toby Wilkinson. I do plan to get back to writing new books in my
paranormal series set in ancient Egypt, hopefully in 2017, and the author has translated all kinds of highly useful and fascinating writings  of all types. Reading through the selections gives good glimpses into daily life and the way people felt and believed. Yes, I write fantastical adventures, not historical novels, but I like to do as much research as I can and this book has been terrific.

OK, I do really badly with these numbered lists because there are so many good books.....I usually cheat and list more than I'm supposed to...

But (I'm heaving a DEEP sigh here), ok.....for my third choice I'm going to list A Faerie Tale: The Enchanted and A Faerie Tale: The Beloved, both by Genevra Thorne. Her use of language is wonderful and really put me into the world of the Fae. Her plots were cool and twisty and I wish there were more in the series. I didn't expect to fall so much in love with the characters and the settings and then I did. 

But in fairness, I must also mention our Jeffe's Pages of the Mind, which I adore, and  Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs and Dark Planet Warriors by Anna Carven.

OK, I'll get off the stage now!


  1. I always laugh at how you sneak in extras. Thanks for listing one of mine!