Tuesday, July 10, 2018

TBR Piles: Not Yet A Hoarder

How long is my TBR list?


~opens door to den~
~hears growling~
~closes door~
~slinks away~

5 shelves stacked double-deep and iced. There's a stack atop the paper cutter. One beside the printer, and one on the printer. Two cubbies partially full. Probably twenty on my kindle. For the most part, I have my TBR contained to one room. So, yeah, I, um, I have some books I need to read. I haven't kicked into hoarder mode yet, so I keep adding to the pile. Somebody has to keep the dragon happy, right?


  1. Can totally relate! Poor dragon, feed the dragon. Don't make the dragon angry.

    1. They start off so smol and kewt...then they get hangry.