Monday, October 8, 2018

Debut Year

So, reality:

My debut year was two years in the making. I sold my first ever tale to Clive Barker's Hellraiser, a comic book that came out from Epic Comics (a division of Marvel). I spent the next three months after it was accepted waiting to hear what issue it would appear in (fifteen as I recall) and then waited another  twenty months months waiting or the story to get printed.

During that rime I was not idle. I did my best to use that sale as a springboard to other sales. I did a lot of work for White Wolf Games Studios, and I did some writing and interviews for Game Shop News. By the time that debut had taken place, I was knee deep in articles and had four game supplements come out. Such is the nature of the beast.

I am extremely proud of the work that came out. i am delighted to this day about my little tale "Of Love, Cats & Curiosity." But if i'm being honest I never stopped to celebrate other than a very quick yelp of excitement when I got the news that I had made my first professional sale.

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