Sunday, March 22, 2020

Finding the Good in a Changing World

Our topic this week at the SFF Seven is whatever is on our minds. With pretty much the entire world in sparkling isolation, there's really only one thing on our minds: COVID-19.

We're also exhausted of thinking and talking and reading about it!

So, I'm asking everyone - what good things have come out of this massive change? I want to hear about how your lives have altered in positive ways.

For us, the biggest change has been that David has been at home with me. My daily routine is very much the same, since I work from home anyway.

Yesterday, though, David and I took a very long walk. We enjoyed the spring sunshine, waved to neighbors from a safe distance, and we marveled at how it felt like we had more time in the day. "It's like the whole world is on vacation," David commented, and I agreed that it does feel that way. Of course there are people working hard to keep us all healthy, fed, and safe - but for most of us, we're hanging at home with family. I've been baking bread - which I haven't done in years - and even made pizza crust from scratch, which I don't think I've ever done. We're getting creative with meals, and being thankful for our home and the garden.

What I've missed most is that I can't attend the wonderful yoga classes at my fave place Yoga Source. Then today, I was able to attend my first online class with them! I figured out how to connect my laptop to our large-screen TV, and we streamed the Zoom meeting. David even did the class with me, which he's never done IRL. Tomorrow my mom is going to "attend" the Yin Yoga class with me, from her home in Tucson. I figure that, doing this from home, I can attend classes five days a week, which is tons more than I seem to fit in when I have to drive back and forth.

What about all of you? What's something positive you've been doing that wasn't part of your life "before"?