Saturday, June 13, 2020

Sexy geeks, recovering Egyptian antiquities, and heart break

Black lives matter. So do black authors. Black dancers. Black dreams. Black hopes. Black voices. Black families.

I have incredible privilege and limited ability to use it right now. But I can boost my fellow authors. I can donate to the ACLU and to BLM and bail funds. And I can vote. When the time comes, I hope you'll commit to doing at least that. Vote. Because the lives of your neighbors and friends hang in the balance.

These are the authors I've been binging lately:
First was Melissa Blue. She writes a sexy geek series. How could I not? 

Now, I'm working my way through Seressia Glass's Shadowchasers series.  A kick-ass heroine, Egyptian artifacts, a 4,000 year old Nubian warrior? Mmmmm. Yeah, the series is a good time.

And the piece that breaks my heart - this. From the Alvin Alley Dance Theater