Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Finding Fantasy Novels One Step Off The Mainstream: #SPFBO

So you like fantasy novels, eh? Looking to find some hidden gems? Stories that are one or two steps off the beaten path?

Allow me to introduce the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, aka #SPFBO. Started in 2015 by Mark Lawrence (Of Broken Empire, Red Queen's War, and Book of the Ancestors fame), 300 Indie Fantasy authors submit their stand-alone or first-in-series book to the pool. It's a first-come-first-served open call. On the receiving end are members of 10 Fantasy Book Blogs. Mark divvies up the books, 30 to a blog. The bloggers then choose one of their 30 to put forth as a finalist. The top 10 books get read, publicly reviewed, and scored by all the participating blogs. The finalist with the highest score wins....bragging rights. 

What types of fantasy books final? It runs the gamut, from grimdark to parody, sword & sorcery to mythology, chosen-one quests to whodunnit mysteries. You'll find orcs, pirates, dragons, hitmen, steampunk animatronics, and fire warriors. If you've got an itch for rich fantasies, then give #SPFBO books a try. You can also follow along the journey of the entrants and bloggers on Facebook or Twitter by searching on the hashtag.

GoodReads Listopia: #SPFBO

You're in luck, for two more days, 30 SPFBO finalists are offering their ebook(s) for $0.99/ea. Sale ends tomorrow, 1/20.

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