Thursday, July 22, 2021

Writing with the MICE quotient

a triangle piece of red watermelon with black seeds sitting on a light colored wood cutting board

This picture of a triangle piece of watermelon is the closest thing I have to fitting this least it's a triangle? Maybe that's an idication to my contribution to this week which is:






Jeffe did her homework and explained the MICE quotient, check it out and her links to The Writing Excuses Podcast! 

For me, I don’t consider myself a technical writer and couldn’t have told you the four elements that start a story before Sunday. I just write. I see a story in my head and I put the words down.

And if you’re curious, after reading the four options I can say I start my stories with Event—nested in character. When I write fantasy or science fiction the stories start out with something big that changes the status quo and the endings are a resolution to the new normal. 

There really can’t be a return to the old normal. Characters progress and change and when that happens normal is altered. 

I wish I had more to offer on the topic, but I'll bow out and leave a giant arrow back to Jeffe and KAK's posts. 

What element do you use in your writing?