Monday, August 9, 2021

Mood lighting for the ages.

So this week's subject is how much does the wether affect your stories. The answer for me is r4elly quite simple: It's another part of the environment of my tales and that menas it may as well be a character. In my currenty story, the weather is extremely important. TRhe character are in a new town, and being hunter=d. They are dealing with a dark night and a very heavy fog, mening their ability to see what is stalking them is very limited. in other tales the weather plays its pazrt. Funerals with sunlight play out differentoy than funerals in the rain. in one of my stories involving Jonathan crowley, the monster hunter, one of his enemies is trying to get away in a snow storm. That chNges everything and rdically at that, There is no definite=ive answer for me., except that the weather can be a mild s mood lighting or as important as any min charcter depending on the situation. The one thing I promise yu, is that the weather plays its part.