Sunday, May 8, 2022

Dear Reader

Happy Sunday all! This week's topic at the SFF Seven is: Your favorite reader interaction.

I've thought about this for a couple of days and found myself incapable of naming one reader interaction that is my fave, because I love them all. So far, anyway ;) I've said it before and I'll say it again: I feel extremely lucky when it comes to my readers. They're the most supportive group, shouting about The Witch Collector everywhere and always sending the most encouraging messages. Reader love is so motivating. It dims the glare of impostor syndrome and gives us authors reason to sit down and bleed our soul to craft another book. 

For an author to put themselves and their work in the world for people to freely judge isn't easy. But when we find our readers, they make the bumpy parts of the publishing path a little softer. A little easier to trudge through. Someone out there loves our writing. Someone out there loves our characters as much as we do. Someone out there is dying to read more.

I didn't think I'd have much more input other than the above for this post. But this afternoon, I received a message from a reader on Instagram. It read: "Happy Mother's Day to my favorite author!! Hope you have an amazing day!!" 

I sat there for a few minutes absorbing the fact that the quote in the picture above--a quote I've printed and posted in my office and inside my planners for years--had actually come true.

I am someone's favorite author. Honestly, I'm still reeling from that message hours later. If you ever wonder if authors want to hear bookish love from readers, know that YES! We do!

That said, it's still hard for me to pinpoint a single favorite interaction, though this one certainly ranks high on my list of amazing career moments. There will be many more wonderful moments ahead too, I have no doubt, and dear reader, I look forward to each one.

**If you've read The Witch Collector (or plan to) and would like to join my reader group on facebook, visit the link below. I'd love to meet you and chat about books!!

Happy Reading,

~ Charissa

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