Tuesday, May 10, 2022

How Authors Are Like Venus Flytraps


What's my favorite reader interaction?

Uh, any that are positive? I'm not picky. I'm over the moon when they happen. I'm enough of a human (no, really) to enjoy having my ego fed. I sure as hell ain't gonna dictate how that goes down. Well, don't show up at my house uninvited, but beyond that I'm like a Venus flytrap, snatching up whatever little scrap of "it was good" or "liked it" I can get. I am always grateful when a reader takes the time to let me know. 

Now, if you want to see me tap my foot and howl with glee like a happy puppy...that'll be from fan art. I haven't received any yet, but I love, love, love seeing what fans draw for other authors/stories/characters. Those skills, man, I salute.

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