Friday, August 19, 2016

WIsh I Had, Wish I Could

This week's question has two possible translations, I think. What characters would I like to have written. And: What characters would I like to write. Both easy answers. Characters I wish to all the gods I had written? These guys.

Badly enough that my first SFR (which shall never see the light of day) was far too easily identifiable as a Firefly wannabe. When I love something, I'm apparently REALLY good at mimicking the voice of it. Which, turns out, might be the fast track to a copyright infringement suit, not to mention all kinds of wrong. Too bad there's not a living to be made pretending to be one of the writers I love - but they all doing just fine being them.

This then leaves me with what I would like to write. Someday. I would like to do some serious research and then some serious dramatization of this lady's life:

Then Hatshepsut. First queen, and then pharaoh. Her reign was one filled with peace, and prosperity. The arts flourished. So did the economy. But it all clearly came a cost, with many enemies made along the way. I'm fascinated by her and by the questions that arise surrounding her rule - was it a means by which she protected the throne for her son? Or was it a power grab? A clear usurpation that merited the treatment she was given after she died with her name chiseled off monuments? Erased from history and from the afterlife altogether? So many questions beg a huge, long list of stories. She intimidates me for that reason. I don't know if I'll manage her story or not. But I sure would like to.