Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Linda's World Fantasy Convention Post-Con Report

First- Congrats to Marshall and Jeffe who have releases this week!!! (See KAK's post from yesterday.)

I have no idea what to write this week. My favorite cautionary tale for authors? Blank.

But I had a great time at World Fantasy Convention this past weekend. It was not heavily attended, and there seemed to be reports of panel kerfluffles pre-con, but the panel I was on was a-FRICKIN-mazing. Fantasy and Music was the title and each panelist brought something interesting and fun to the discussion, of course with Misty Lackey on the panel, it has to be good, yes? (She sat beside me! Fangirl moment!)

Outside the one panel I was on, and aside from Bartender Tony who tolerated my bad jokes like a trooper, the convention proper was a HUGE success for me. Maybe it had some to do with the fact that I am disproportionately familiar with that venue (Columbus Convention Center) as I've been to a dozen+ conventions there, but whereas I normally need some down-time from all the people, I was 100% on this year.

I didn't want to be in the room. I didn't want to crack open the computer and do a bit of work. Good god, no.

There were people over there--people I hadn't met yet who were there for WFC like me and I can't just meet and chat with like-minded folks anytime. I can write anytime at home. So I met people. People who introduced me to other people there, like writers, editors, convention chairs, etc. I put my handshake on 'em, traded business cards and did the whole networking thing.

I had such a good time.

So if I'm going to find a cautionary tale in that, it's this: get off your ass and meet your peers, your betters, and the newbies hoping to be as good as you someday. Find the editors, the agents, the publishers, the voice talent, cover artists, freelancers and the convention organizers. Meet these people and make a good impression. Find opportunities. That is what the convention is for.