Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Authoring When Life Doth Sucketh

When life gets me down, how do I cope while still doing the work of an author? There are so many aspects of being a writer that don't involve word count or tapping wellsprings of empathy. Tasks that demand my analytical brain are great havens during emotional upheaval because I can shut down the drama-mind and just produce something with a tangible end result. I can ride out the storm pulling sales numbers, compiling ad data, updating P&Ls, revising marketing strategies, etc. If I need to lose myself in an obsession to hide from the real world but my written world is too fraught, then I tackle revamping my website or take an online class. All these things are necessary to the job, but they're also the things that get back-burnered while in the fevered throes of actually writing a book. Completing non-writing-specific tasks gives me a sense of accomplishment and control. When it feels like life is spiraling downward, small successes buoy the spirit and make tomorrow easier to tackle. Sometimes, the small win has the most impact.

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  1. A good point, there are plenty of author-type tasks that don't depend on the emotional side of the brain.