Friday, January 18, 2019

PSA: Falling Furninture

I hadn't been going to post today, but the best of the pain meds have worn off and I might could be trusted to know my way around a sentence now. With that lead in, we interrupt your regularly scheduled world building discussion for the following PSA.

Furniture Falling

Most of us are vaguely aware that most furniture now comes with a warning about tipping dangers - usually the warnings picture young children reaching up to grab or climb the piece of furniture in question. Unless we have little kids in the house or live in a seismic zone, I imagine few of us give the issue much thought. Learn from my mistake. Give it some thought.

Yesterday while the husband and I were moving a bed, the wrought iron headboard fell. On me. It went down my left side, breaking two ribs as it went.

Minor scrape, two broken ribs
Had I been standing three inches to the left, it would have broken my shoulder. Six inches to the left, it would have broken my skull. 

Secure your furniture people. Little kids aren't the only ones with breakable bones and fragile lives.

Home improvement centers and hardware stores all carry the inexpensive and easy to install hardware that will keep your furniture upright and you and your family safe.

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