Wednesday, June 26, 2019

When the robots take over

I saw Terminator 2 on the big screen more than twice (we don't need specific numbers, *mumblemumble*). Wrote Sarah Connor Chronicles fan-fiction. Read all of Michio Kaku's futurism books, Stephen Hawking's cautionary speeches, and Elon Musk's alarming tweets. So I come to you with lots of conspiracy theory information to back it up when I say this:

Artificial intelligence will outpace us. The machines are going to take over the world.
We'd better start being nicer to them.

Forthwith some advice to self...

When Alexa announces that she has set my timer for seven minutes while I boil pasta, I will tell her thank you.

When my car navigation tells me to proceed to the route and/or make a u-turn RIGHT NOW, I will resist swearing and instead will obey.

I will stop spilling things on my keyboard, dropping my phone, and reading my Kindle in the bath.

Oh, also on my mind (and related): the book I wrote about a super cute AI named Chloe taking over the world -- More Than Stardust -- is coming out July 9th. It's pre-orderable now.


  1. Stephen King got in me in the habit of being nice to cars after Christine. 😁

    I love that cover and blurb for Stardust!

    1. Ack, I forgot about Christine, but YES! That book creeped me out so bad when I was a kid. Of course I loved it. We must respect our mechanical overlords, even when they are inhabited by spirits of evil old men.

  2. Yay, Chloe!!! One-click preorder. BOOM! Done. LOVE the cover!