Friday, June 7, 2019

Ms. Socially Awkward's Tips for Social Media

Ms. Socially Awkward's Tips for Engaging on Social Media

1. Use your indoor voice. Ms. Socially Awkward assumes you were not reared in a barn, but if you were, welcome to the Socially Awkward club, my dear. No yelling on social media. No cursing unless it is for specific, and preferably, fucking humorous effect.
2. Opinions are like assholes. We all have them. Be very, very careful about which one you're exposing. To whit, Ms. Socially Awkward cannot help noticing that occasional bruhahas mar the fabric of social media, usually in the form of some accusation or another. Never in the limited time Ms. Socially Awkward has spectated such events has all of the information, much less *accurate* information emerged with the first several (thousand) tweets or posts. There are benefits to doubts about what one speaks into a vast, public echo chamber.
3. Your grandmother was quite correct. You do catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, though why you want to catch flies at all is -- well -- it is quite frankly none of Ms. Socially Awkward's business, I'm sure. Was there a point here? Ah. Yes. Spread the honey of kindness liberally. You still have the vinegar of blocking someone held in reserve should it be necessary.
4. Take frequent breaks. We are soft and squishy creatures, fragile and prone to breakage, some of us more so than others. If you begin to think of social media as a friend, you're breaking. It is a tool that allows you to connect to friends and possibly to readers. Social media cannot change the weather. It cannot undo disaster. It can, however, allow friends and family to notify one another of their statuses during crises and for that it is to be commended and valued.
5. Remember the golden rule of social media - it is for enjoying your fellow human beings. And maybe a few animal videos here and there. Enter into it in that spirit and pace yourself well. Do this and perhaps you'll find enjoyment.