Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Necromancing the story

This week on SFF Seven, we're exhuming dead stories and making them dance.

(Insert dramatic organ music and spine-freezing, mad-scientist cackle.)

Specifically, we are called to "share something great from a dead project." Now, I will quibble with the adjective “great”--not sure if I’ve ever written anything “great"--but technically since I have no firm publication plans of any sort, all my solo-written stories are dead. However, due to my overfondness of literary, knobby, discarded putrescence, and as I am almost planning to attempt necromancy on this still-moist revenant for NaNoWriMo (November: National Novel Writing Month), you may read the shambling following intro if you dare.

(Actually, um, it's okay to not read it, but please don't speak ill of the dead.)


AN: There was a silly, short snippet here, but I took it down. If it's dead, who would want to read it anyhow? And of course it was never "great" to begin with. I've gone back through my many files of dead projects--so many--and have yet to find something even approaching great. Sorry for just whiffing on this, y'all. Back to normal next week.

Stay spooky!